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Amazing Castles in Kent

Castles in Kent, England

Kent is home to 29 castles that reveal Kent’s fascinating history through their design, artefacts and locations. Many offer stunning gardens and parklands to be enjoyed, making them one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region. From the Norman times, via King Henry VIII and through to the Cold War of the twentieth century, the amazing castles in Kent offer a true sense of history.

Hever Castle, near Edenbridge

The 700-year-old Hever Castle was once the home of Anne Boleyn before she was married. The castle rooms include tapestries, fine furnishings, and paintings throughout, and the public has access to rooms including Anne Boleyn's bedroom and King Henry VIII's bed-chamber, where he stayed during their courtship. There is also an impressive dining room and Great Hall.

Relax in the rose garden and admire the topiary chess pieces in the Chess Garden over the vast acreage of grounds. The mazes are particularly popular with children as is the boating lake and the tea house if you want a quiet spot. There is also the military museum or the museum dedicated to miniature model houses may appeal to you more.

Leeds Castle, near Maidstone

At 900 years of age and with turrets, battlements and a moat, Leeds Castle is the sort of castle you would expect to see in Disney movies, having been built on islands in a lake. It’s nine centuries have seen much history and many different roles. Only the two-light window at the end of the banqueting hall and the cellar beneath the Heraldry room remain from the twelfth century, after which the castle was owned by six English queens and later used by Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. It then became a private residence, a 20th century retreat and is now a visitor attraction.

Relax in the gardens, explore the grounds, or try a segway rides and Go Ape course if you are feeling adventurous. End the day by staying at the castle, including the chance to try knight's glamping.

Tonbridge Castle, Tonbridge

Dating back to medieval times, this Grade I listed motte and bailey castle is perched high above the river and high street in Tonbridge, a place worth visiting in its own right. Well preserved and restored, it is possible to have a picnic on the castle lawn, wander through the gatehouse and climb to the top of the motte for free.

Dover Castle, Dover

Now owned by English Heritage, Dover Castle is another in the list of amazing castles in Kent. This impressive tower was built in the 1180s as defence against potential French attacks. Today, it has been recreated as a medieval palace.

What is sometimes more fascinating to visitors is what goes on underground, within the cliffs. In 1216 or thereabouts, medieval tunnels were built due to a siege. Around 1800-1815, these tunnels, which are nearly three miles long, were used as a barracks and in 1939-1945 they housed a naval command centre in the second world war, as well as being a military hospital.

Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst

Run by the National Trust, Scotney Castle was built in the 14th century and is now sited within around 780 acres of woodland and gardens. With its turret-style tower and a moat, it looks like a fairy-tale castle

The House at Scotney Castle was in private ownership between 1778-1970, owned by the Hussey family and many family treasures are on display. Relax in the dog-friendly gardens or stop for coffee and cake in the tea-rooms.

Deal Castle

Deal Castle is located on the Kent coast and is also owned by English Heritage. It was built on the orders of King Henry VIII who feared for his safety and is known as an artillery castle, built specifically to house heavy guns in multiple tiers. It is also famous for its unique architectural flower design which gave it strategic benefits. Visitors also have access to the castle’s underground network of passages.

Rochester Castle

The 12th century Rochester Castle is a 113-foot keep with a stone tower preserved better than any other in England. Rochester Castle was built to guard the River Medway and continued as a fortress until the 16th century. Entrance to the Castle Gardens is free and there are often events. The castle and its events are managed by Medway Council and if you are local you can sign up to volunteer at this historical site.

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